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Grappa di Moscato

Alcohol: 42 Vol.

Marc from the Calosso vineyards, dripping with juice, packed with flavour and aroma, is distilled with great talent and care, producing a grappa with a soft, pleasing flavour, a fine, penetrating aroma and a highly aromatic bouquet which recalls the original fruit.

€20.00 Price

Grappa di Barbera e di Nebbiolo

Alcohol: 42% Vol.

Obtained from the skilful distillation of selected marc from Barbera e Nebbiolo grapes from the hills around Asti and Alba.
Aged in oak berrels which lend in the dry, punchy flavour of pure grappa.
It has a lasting, candid bouquet which will satisfy the most demanding of palates.

€20.00 Price


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