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A Long Tradition of Excellence

About us.

The quality of Daffara & Grasso wines is the fruit of a time-honoured tradition

The wine-making tradition of Daffara and Grasso winecellar sinks its roots in history.

All its members come from ancient families of wine growers who since the beginning of the 20Thcentury have produced top quality wines.

In 1981 the paths of three influential  wine grower  families crossed: Angelo and Roberto Daffara and Ermes Grasso,  shared their own experiences, histories and traditions in a sole production and bottling company of select wines.

Daffara and Grasso winecellar was established

At present, together with the founder members, their sons are continuing on this path with the same commitment and dedication combining their experience and innovative ideas.

The wine cellar is located into the heart of the commune of Calosso whose vineyard landscape is an Unesco world heritage site since 2014. Moscato grape growing is in itself a highly significant cultural value, one of the most important product  of the company production along with the other wines of the Piedmontese tradition.

The Daffara and Grasso wine cellar relies on the most innovative wine-making technologies in accordance with local traditions in order to produce fine wines designed for a select market. Its valuable production today represents a point of reference into the Italian food and wine sector.


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